Week 7

What a wet week!

It feels like it hasn’t stopped raining since my last blog post but at least the predicted snow didn’t materialise.

After clearing a lot of the rubbish last weekend we uncovered a concrete base of a fence post. It was far too heavy and bulky to move so I had to come up with a way to make it look less like an ugly chunk of concrete and more like a useful and ornamental part of the allotment plot (I am forever an optimist!) The hole was just crying out for something to be planted in it but even with my optimistic outlook I realised I wouldn’t be able to grow carrots in it and I may have to settle for a flower. So, I spoke to my other Agricultural Adviser (my mum!) and she helped me pick out an appropriate flower from Morrisons garden section. She chose a Saxifraga which she assures me will spread to cover the unsightly concrete flower pot the poor thing has had the misfortune to be planted in!


While we were shopping I also picked up some wooden border edging. My regular Agricultural Adviser said I didn’t need it but I quite like the idea of a physical border, at least along the outside edge of the plot. I also wanted to put the edging around each bed in the plot but he’s talked me out of this as it doesn’t actually add anything to the growing process and makes the plot a lot less adaptable. I showed him photos of lovely neat plots with beautifully straight edges but he was having none of it so I’m going with his advice – for the time being!


So, I spent Monday afternoon planting the Saxifraga and digging a trench to lay the wooden edging. I incorrectly estimated the amount of edging I would need so it only goes about halfway along the border. Another job for next week.

I was very excited to see a little wren while I was there on Monday. I was even more excited when it landed so close to me I was able to get a decent photo of it (I’m easily pleased!) Infact, it got so close to me I nearly missed it as I was looking for it over the other side of the plot.


I’ve been worrying about the wheelbarrow – not something I ever thought I’d hear myself saying! It’s big, heavy and difficult to move due to a flat tyre. I had no idea how I was going to remove it or if I even wanted to remove it as it has now become part of the weekly blog post featuring in at least one photo each week. So, instead of disposing of it I decided to re-purpose it and turn it into a flower bed. This works for me on several levels. Firstly, my lazy side thinks it’s great (I don’t have to lug a heavy wheelbarrow up the muddy slope) Secondly, my environmentally friendly side is happy it won’t end up in landfill and finally my cheapskate side is super happy to have a free, ready made flower bed!

There were already a few rust holes in the wheelbarrow so I didn’t need to add any for drainage but it was only after I’d finished that I remembered I should have added a layer of rocks and stones. This has now become an experiment in which I will find out if wild flower seeds will grow without proper drainage. I think I can predict the outcome but we’ll wait and see!

I have also decided what I’m going to do with the massive, round, black pot – I’m going to try and grow potatoes in it. It definitely doesn’t have any drainage holes in it so I knew I would have to make some. I tried with a screwdriver and a hammer – no luck. Someone suggested I heat up the screwdriver with a lighter and it would melt through the plastic. Great idea – didn’t work. I think I may need a drill. Another job for next week. The potatoes are still chitting anyway so there’s no rush.



2 weeks off work/school for us now. I’m looking forward to a relaxing break but also hoping to be able to make lots  of progress at the allotment – if it ever stops raining!

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