Week 22

I can’t lie to you – you know I said in last week’s blog I wouldn’t spend all week in the pub or on the beach? I’ve, pretty much spent all week  in the pub or on the beach and in  quite a lot of animal sanctuaries. I know I talked wistfully of gardens and garden centres but turns out that’s all it was I’m afraid – just talk. We haven’t set foot in either!

So, this week, instead of the thoughts of a new allotment holder you have the thoughts and ramblings of a new allotment holder in  Cornwall having almost entirely forgotten about her poor abandoned allotment in south Hertfordshire. Brace yourselves – you’re in for a treat! (I must add, the plot has not been abandoned! I have left Dan and Michelle in charge and I know they are looking after it very well for me)

We  stayed in this part of Cornwall last year so  we had a bit of a head start about where we wanted to visit (and, more importantly, where we didn’t want to re-visit) We loved Plymouth aquarium last year so we drove there on Monday and spent a lovely couple of hours looking at all the fish.

The otter sanctuary in Tamar was also another must – we went last year and had a really enjoyable day. The highlight this year was seeing a newborn otter. It had been born just hours before and was a complete surprise to the keepers when they arrived that morning.

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A new one for us was the Screech Owl Sanctuary – are you spotting a theme? Animals are huge in our house. This was a perfect example of what we do so well in this country – quiet, understated, run on a shoestring attractions that are just a joy to spend a day at.

The weather has been glorious  apart from one afternoon when it rained. We’d been on the beach all day and it started  to rain (as forecast) at  about 3pm. I was ready to sit it out but Louis caved and we came back to the apartment (just for the record – I was right, within half an hour it was bright sunshine again)

Dan and Michelle have sent me photos of both my plot and the shared one. As you can see, everything’s growing remarkably well without me.

On Friday night I received 4 messages telling me it was raining in Watford. Yes! 4 messages! This is how much I’ve wittered on about my poor allotment’s lack of water that 4 of my friends felt compelled to send me a message to let me know the drought has finally ended and I can stop complaining about the lack of rain! The most amazing thing about this is 4 messages actually made it through. For those who know Cornwall you’ll know phone and internet coverage is pretty dismal so the fact 4  messages made it to  me is pretty bloody impressive.

The best thing about being on holiday for me (apart from all the sun and alcohol) is having the time to cook and experiment. This week I’ve made lots of curries including a korma, a chana masala and a squash and courgette curry. I’ve been able to use my allotment grown courgettes and Michelle’s redcurrants have gone into jellies.


Rhubi continues her growth spurt depsite me not being there.


On Saturday Louis and I visited the Liskeard show. Louis helped with the dog relay race, we saw loads of cows, sheep and horses.


I spoke to Dan this week – he sent me some photos of my plot and the shared plot, including this photo. I told him I thought the courgette looked a bit ropey to which he replied ‘the ropey courgette is a cucumber’ Oh dear!


Looking forward to another week’s holiday in Cornwall knowing my plot is being well looked after.

Apologies for the lack of photographs this week, but, as previously mentioned the internet connection in Cornwall is pretty dismal to say the least (I have,  literally spent 3 days trying to upload photos to Snapfish!) so I’ve given up trying to attach photos to this week’s blog post and you’ll just have to wait until next week when I’m back in civilisation to see my holiday pics!

Edited to add relevant photos.






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