Week 23

We’re home from Cornwall! We left at about 9 yesterday morning, stopped for a spot of lunch near Bristol and arrived home at about 2pm. Not a bad journey and pleased to be home although very sad to leave Cornwall.

So, the 2nd week of our holiday was good. We were joined, for a couple of days by my agricultural advisor. I cooked curry for dinner on the first night but we ate out the next 2 nights (not sure if that was a reaction to my cooking!) AA brought me allotment grown spuds which went into the curry and, later in the week I used them to make potato wedges (sprinkled with chilli seeds – yum!)

We were hoping to get out on the kayaks with AA but the weather had turned (it actually rained on Monday) and it was too wet and cold so, unfortunately we had to give it a miss (Louis and I made it out on them later in the week)

After AA left the weather improved (just saying!)

On Thursday we’d arranged to meet friends in Bude in the afternoon so, in the morning we visited Port Isaac, where they filmed ‘Doc Martin’. What an absolutely beautiful place! Lots of walking and very steep hills but totally worth it. We walked down into the village past the school, we popped into the pharmacy – now a gift and ice cream shop with Mrs Tishell’s (signed) neck brace behind the counter and then up the hill to Doc Martin’s house.

A really lovely place – well worth a visit, as is Tintagel, about 5 miles along the coast, although if you have a problem with heights don’t bother to visit the castle. I totally forgot Louis had a fear of heights last year when we visited Tintagel castle. I was steaming on ahead and I looked back to find him cowering on a bridge surrounded by concerned adults! We didn’t climb any higher! He was ok with Port Isaac.

On Friday – our last full day, we spent the day on the beach in glorious sunshine. In the morning we finally got round to hiring some kayaks. The tide was in so we didn’t have too far to walk and we were able to paddle quite a long way out. It was so much fun but hard work paddling back in against the wind.


We arrived home yesterday but I didn’t make it to the plot until this morning (open air cinema last night to see ‘The Greatest Showman’. What a fab film!) I was on the plot by about 9 this morning and OMG! The veg have taken over! I can’t actually walk between the courgette and the winter squash bed because they’ve all grown so much. I picked 6 courgettes (4 of which I think are, technically marrows) I harvested the onions and I had a dig around for some potatoes.


Rhubi survived the fortnight very well without me and looks a lot less holey than she did before I left.


I have the makings of a butternut squash. I am very excited by this because I love butternut squash and I’m really looking forward to cooking with my own allotment grown ones.


The sweet peppers are starting to flower. I have no idea if that’s a good thing or not but, as ever I’m being optimistic and looking at it as a positive. Two of the eight plants have died but that’s come as no surprise to be fair.


Carrots and parsnips are growing nicely although the carrots were being swamped by the winter squashes. One of the trails had even wrapped itself around one of the carrot leaves (imagine an old fashioned telephone wire in miniature) I detangled it and moved all the winter squash stalks back to their own bed (this is like having mischievous children!) This is a definite learning curve for me this year. Already I’ve learnt I need to leave a lot more space between the courgettes/squashes and anything else.


I brought the harvest home – just about managed to fit it in one shopping bag (so pleased I drove down there this morning). One marrow has been chopped up and is in my freezer, two have been given to neighbours and one is going to my mum tomorrow. The courgettes went to Michelle, my allotment neighbour to be spiralised. The potato will go into curries and other dinners at home this week and the onions are drying in the shed. I also picked some blackberries which I’ll eat just as they are – mainly because I didn’t pick enough to make a crumble.


So, here’s what the plot looked like when I left it this morning. Loads of growth and lots of weeding to get on with, although not as much as there could have been if it hadn’t been so dry.



Six weeks summer holiday for us now – looking forward to spending lots of time on the plot and, hopefully loads more vegetables and fruit to harvest.

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