Week 43 – Rubbish and Rain

Whoever predicted rain this week was spot on. It’s rained, pretty much all week which has hampered any progress on the plot, but I’ve done more this week than in recent weeks so, overall I’m happy.

I was atually feeling pretty low at the beginning of the week. Nothing very specific, just a general low mood, so I had the choice of either staying at home to wallow in it or going down to the allotment with the knowledge that a bit of physical exercise would probably make me feel a whole lot better. So, I decided I would wallow in my sadness..no, not really! I drove down to the allotment and started shifting sacks of rubbish.


I’d bought myself a wheelie cart (same sort of idea as a wheelbarrow but potentially easier to use as it’s not as big and you pull it rather than push it) to help me move the bags from the plot to the car. The idea being I could put 2 bags in the wheelie cart thingy and wheel it up the slope and out to the car. Turns out wheelie carts are much more difficult to use than they look. First of all the ground was really muddy so I was already working pretty hard at not falling over. Add to that this cart whose wheels didn’t work particularly well in the mud so I was, in effect dragging it up the slope which was churning up all the mud. It also kept tipping over so I had to walk extremeley slowly to try and counteract and tipping motion. After two excrutiatingly slow journeys to the gate I relented and just carried the rest of the bags. Seriously, even carrying the bags one at a time was much quicker than using the cart.


So, I carried/wheeled 7 bags of rubbish to my car. As I was moving the bags it started to rain so, not only did I get covered in mud I also got wet. I drove to the local recycling centre (having checked their webcam to see how busy they were – not very busy atall, afterall there aren’t very many other weirdos who choose to take their rubbish to the tip on a rainy Monday) At our local site we have to climb a set of steps to reach the top of the container to then throw the rubbish into (I know lots of centres where the containers are below you so you can just drop your rubbish in) so the 10 minute drive was a short respite before more hard work lugging 7 bags of rubbish up the steps to dispose of it. The process was made worse this time by a sudden downpour when I had reached bag 5. To be fair, by that stage I was so wet, cold and muddy I just carried on. I have to say though, despite the mud and rain I felt much better  when I’d finished. So much better I spent the rest of the day on a declutter frenzy of the flat to make space for christmas.



I only had one other visit to the plot this week – there were just too many rainy days. I popped down Saturday morning before the cafe. I had really only planned on a quick potter (you know how much I like to potter!) but, by the time I arrived it was quite a nice morning – the sun was shining and it wasn’t too cold.


So I spent about an hour down there and I was brave enough to venture back into the extension. Honestly, it was still a bit too boggy to work comfortably but it wasn’t impossible. I filled 2 rubble sacks with dug up rubbish. A couple of times I thought I was going to lose a boot and I had to be very careful how I lifted my foot so as not to leave my welly behind. While I was in the extension I pulled back a bit more of the blue tarpaulin so I’m obviously making some progress, it’s just slow.


Dan has arranged for someone to take some of my rubbish away. I really should have taken the rubbish a few bags at a time as I filled them but I’ve let them pile up to the point where it feels like an almost impossible task to remove them all myself so I need some help. We were all supposed to meet on the plot on Friday but the weather was just awful – raining and blowing a gale so we’ve re-arranged it for next week. I am very much looking forward to seeing the pile of rubble bags reduce.


As expected we have more onion shoots. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost a few to pigeons. Still lots left though from what I can see (there should be, considering the amount I planted!)


Rhubi is doing great! I was shocked to see new leaves growing already.


In contrast the brussel sprouts are not doing so great. They’re still being eaten and there are only a few, very small brussels on them. I think I may have to concede and face the fact we won’t be having any allotment grown brussel sprouts for christmas dinner this year.


In other news we’ve put our christmas tree up. I enjoy christmas and I absolutely love our tree. I thought about buying a new, slimmer one this year so it would take up less space in the living room and less space to store but then I remembered how much I like our current tree (which has to be coming up to 20 years old) so decided to leave things as they are. Louis and I spent an enjoyable hour putting the tree together and deciding which decorations to adorn it with this year. I so want to be able to tell you we were listening to christmas music or watching a suitably christmassy film as we decorated the tree but no, Louis’ film of choice to accompany the decorating of the tree this year was Batman Begins!


As ever, I’ll leave you with a couple of photos of how the plot looked when I left it this week. The plan for next week is to try and reduce the rubbish pile (preferably to nothing but that may be slightly optimistic)




5 thoughts on “Week 43 – Rubbish and Rain

  1. Is rubbish debris that can not be piled and allowed to compost a bit before taking the big bits away? I mean, is it like non biodegradable plastic and such?


    1. Hi Tony – it’s mostly rubble and plastic. Unfortunatley it seems like that area of the site has, over the years been used as a bit of a dumping ground. Any biodegradable stuff goes into a separate box to go into the compost bin.

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      1. In a site that has been in use for so long, some odd items must turn up. My former garden was in virgin forest. All the debris could be burned in winter, or piled in a gully and left.


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