Week 44 – Rubble not Rubbish

The weather improved enough this week to enable me to meet the ‘rubbish man’ on the plot on Monday without getting soaked. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to take any of the rubbish away because I’d mixed it all up and he can only take rubble, not plastics and metal etc. We agreed to meet next week to give me a chance to sort the bags out. I made a good start after he’d left. I was only going to tackle one or two bags, just to give me a rough idea of how difficult it was going to be but it turned out to be a much quicker process than I was expecting. I thought it was going to be a huge job that would take hours but after only an hour’s work I’d sorted about 6 bags and was feeling pretty pleased with myself.


I didn’t make it back to the plot until Friday when I spent another couple of hours just sorting the bags. After I’d sorted a couple of the sacks I remembered one of them had a dead rat in it! I had a nervous few minutes until I found it.

The whole process was incredibly muddy and cold and I don’t even want to think about what I looked like while I worked through the bags but it’s done. I  now have 20 sacks of rubble ready to be taken away. This was what my gloves looked like when I had finished sorting the rubbish – they really were as muddy and wet as they look!


I woke up on Saturday morning wondering why I ached all over. At first I put it down to my knee (I fell over last week and my knee’s been playing up since) then I remembered I’d sorted and moved 20 sacks of rubble the day before!


There are still no brussel sprouts on my brussel sprout plants. Michelle has, very kindly offered me some of hers (she has lots and I’m super jealous mine are so awful in comparison) So, we will have allotment grown sprouts for christmas dinner afterall, just not my allotment grown sprouts.


I finally got round to borrowing my friend’s drill and drilling some drainage holes in the tree tubs. This drastically needed doing as every time I visited the plot I could see the poor apple and pear trees were sitting in a pool of water. When I drilled the holes in the tubs the water just poured out in a continuous stream. Poor trees! Hopefully they’ll survive and I haven’t given them all root rot!


Rhubi is growing back really well. It looks like the stems I cut (I later found out I should have twisted and pulled them rather than cut them) are rotting. I’m fairly certain that’s not great but I’m concentrating on the positive and looking at the lovely new leaves.


We had the last cafe of the year on Saturday. I made some christmas cakes which went down very well. On Saturday evening we had the cafe’s christmas social (this may explain why I felt so unwell on Sunday!)  We now all have a couple of weeks off to recharge until it all starts again in the new year.


The plan for next week is to meet the ‘rubbish man’ and have the bags of rubble taken away. This will leave me with the other bags of non rubble rubbish which aren’t anywhere near as heavy and awkward to move and, as such much easier for me to take to the tip. Hopefully, I can have all the bags off my site by christmas.

Louis and I are heading to Birmingham for a few days this week. Hoping to have a look around the christmas market, finish our christmas shopping and generally relax. We’ve also arranged to meet up with my friend who lives in Brum. We’ve known each other since we were teenagers but we haven’t met up for about 5 years so I’m really looking forward to that.

Plans for the allotment include digging up and composting the sprouts and continuing to dig the extension (separating the rubble and general rubbish as I go – obviously!)

This is how I left the plot this week. It really feels like I’m just making it worse every week!





3 thoughts on “Week 44 – Rubble not Rubbish

  1. I do not think I would expect anything from those Brussel’s sprouts. I don’t know because I can not see them directly, but they seem too far gone. I have never grown them in my own garden, but have seen them in fields around my Pa’s home in Montara (on the coast of San Mateo County).


      1. They look like they at least started out well, which is more than they ever did in my garden . . . where I never bothered to grow them. When I was a kid, we just ‘borrowed’ a stalk of them from the neighboring fields when we wanted some.


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