Week 45 – It’s Christmas!

It’s going to be a really short blog post this week I’m afraid. Partly because I’m preparing for christmas (I’ve just taken about 40 biscuits out of the oven and have a half prepared bread and butter pudding on my kitchen worktop) and partly because there’s not been much happening on the plot this week.

The plans I had for the allotment this week remained as just plans. I did not dig up and compost the sprouts (are we still calling them sprouts?!) and I did not continue to dig the extension. I did, however meet the ‘rubbish man’ on the plot on Monday and he took all 20 bags of rubble away! Yay! He’d actually forgotten we’d arranged to meet on Monday and only remembered when I sent him a message. He had to squeeze the job in right at the end of the day which meant it was almost dark by the time he’d finished. BUT my plot no longer has 20 bags of rubble on it! I am so happy.

I didn’t get down there again atall for the rest of the week – Louis and I went away for a few days and since we’ve been home it hasn’t really stopped raining. We spent Tuesday to Thursday in Birmingham. I wanted to make the most of Louis being off college so decided to go away somewhere and I’d heard the christmas market in Birmingham was good so we opted for there. I used to go to Birmingham a lot when I was a teenager to visit my friend, Claire. Claire still lives just outside Birmingham so I arranged to meet up with her while we were there. We met up for lunch on Wednesday and had a really lovely afternoon shopping, drinking tea and catching up. She kept pointing out places we used to go when I stayed with her but, either the city centre has changed beyond all recognition or my memory is simply terrible because I, genuinely didn’t recognise any of it. The christmas market was, indeed lovely and I picked up a few unusual christmas presents. As expected there were lots of food and drink stalls and we tried a mulled wine, some chocolate dipped marshmallow skewers and a really tasty Nutella doughnut.

We headed home on Thursday morning and, because we’d left early we had all day to pootle and see where we fancied stopping on the way. I liked the sound of Banbury and my instinct was right  – it was  really pretty. The high street looked quite old fashioned but in a nice way and the shopping centre seemed remarkably quiet for the Thursday before christmas but maybe it just felt quiet after the hustle and bustle of Birmingham.


So, tomorrow is christmas eve and I am not even remotely ready. I still have nearly all the presents to wrap, the bread and butter pudding to finish (because no one likes christmas pudding, apparently!) 40 odd christmas biscuits to decorate (because I don’t have enough to do, obviously!) and I need to take Louis to his dad’s.

There are no comparison photos from the plot this week as it was too dark to take any when I was down there on Monday and I haven’t been back since. So instead, Louis and I would like to wish you all a very happy christmas – we hope you all find time to relax and spend time with people you love xx


One thought on “Week 45 – It’s Christmas!

  1. You can call them sprouts if you like; but what are biscuits? They look like cookies. bread and butter pudding? and Nutella? I see it in the ethnic foods section of the supermarket.


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