Week 47

Such a busy week for me. Louis spent the week at his dad’s and I spent the week decluttering the flat. I, genuinely cannot believe how much stuff I’ve purged from the flat – most of it has been donated to charity or recycled, unfortunately some of it had to go to the tip.


The only photographs I took were of Louis’s room. He started decluttering his room before he went to his dad’s so I didn’t have too much to do, but it still took me nearly all Tuesday afternoon to go from the picture on the left to the picture on the right. I have been absolutely brutal – if we don’t need it/use it/love it, it’s gone. I still have a couple more areas to tackle (including my wardrobes, and,  yes I did say ‘wardrobes, plural) but I’m really pleased with the progress I’ve made so far.

You will be pleased to know in the midst of all this tidying indoors I have also made progress outdoors. All the rubbish bags are gone! I know! I almost can’t believe it myself. As predicted it only took one more trip to the tip to clear them all. Shifting the last 7  bags felt a bit easier than the first 7 – maybe I was more mentally prepared, maybe the bags weren’t as heavy, maybe the weather wasn’t as cold, I don’t know (there was still no skipping though!) It feels so good to finally clear it all. New year’s resolution (which I never make because I know I won’t stick to them) is to make sure it never builds up to that point again. I’ve managed to stick to it so far but I’m very aware we’re only 6 days in!



The onions are doing well although I’m fairly certain there are far fewer in the ground than I planted (I’m blaming the birds!)


Rhubi looks awful! I’m told this is normal for this time of year so I’m not too worried about her. I’ve covered her over to protect her from any frost we’re likely to get soon (this has the added bonus of me not being able to see how bad she looks!)


I arranged to meet Michelle on the plot on Saturday morning. I haven’t seen her for what feels like ages. After she’d finished the work on her plot she helped me dig the extension. She’s so much quicker at digging than I am! It was bitter so we only stuck it out for about half an hour before we went to the local garden centre for a hot drink but we did enough to pull a bit more of the tarpaulin back. I’m nearly at the back fence! This makes me so happy. I have to remind myself, when I hit the back fence I’m going to turn round and dig the whole area again to make sure I’ve removed all the rubbish. I haven’t double dug any of the other beds but this area is so bad I really think it needs it.


The green manure looks like it might be nearly ready to dig in. It hasn’t covered the bed as much as I was expecting – I was sort of expecting a ‘carpet’ of green but I guess it’s done as much as it’s going to . Michelle tells me I need to leave it alone until Spring.


Next week I think I need to start making a plan for the plot for the coming growing season. I know, from my Instagram feed, gardeners are out there buying seeds and planning their plots for next year and I’m over here without a seed catalogue or any graph paper in sight, up to my knees in mud and bits of concrete! Must try harder!

Pleased with this week’s photo as there’s no rubbish!



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