Week 48

The decluttering has slowed down this week (not much left in my house to get rid of!) I took the last few bags to the charity shop during the week. It’s now an ongoing battle to guard against any more clutter making its way back in. This is much harder than it should be as I am a born collector and Louis seems to have inherited my hoarding habit. Luckily for me his collection of choice is Match Attax cards which don’t take up much space (unlike my vintage tea sets)


It was my birthday on Thursday and my family, knowing I’m decluttering and trying to live with less stuff all gave me money. I received some lovely gifts from friends including a very pretty tin of gardening string from J. at Random Cafe and an Orla Kiely (my favourite) mug which looks beautiful alongside my Orla Kiely jug on my kitchen windowsill (ya see? Born collector!)


I’ve only worked on the plot for about 3 hours this week. I felt like I’d made quite a lot of progress but when I’ve looked at the photos it really doesn’t look like I’ve done much at all. I can assure you I have!

I popped down to the plot on Saturday morning for an hour. There’s not really much for me to do at the moment apart from dig the extension – so that’s what I did. I’m still uncovering lots of rubble and general rubbish but I know to separate it all now. I have a pile of ever growing rubble, a rubbish sack for all the plastics and golf balls (I thought there were a lot of shoes on my plot – then I started finding golf balls!) and a recycling box for  any weeds etc. that can go in the garden waste bin.

I convinced Louis to join me on the plot on Sunday morning. I was hoping he would help me dig the extension but in typical Louis fashion he wanted to do his own thing. His own thing involved digging in the old brussel sprout bed. To be fair he did a great job of weeding and digging over the bed (even if it didn’t really need it)


I spent about 2 hours digging the extension again. On Saturday I had found a buried metal bar. I went back to it on Sunday hoping to be able to dig it out and remove it. I tried really hard! I dug a deep hole round it, tried to lever it out with the spade, tried to loosen it by hand but it just wasn’t budging. In the end I had to give up and re-bury it.



It really does feel like progress has been made this week despite the photos. I’m getting so close to the mural on the back wall now. On Sunday morning Michelle popped over to the dark side to have a look at how far I’ve dug in the extension and to make some suggestions about layout once I’ve finished digging. I know I said, last week I was going to start a plan this week but I haven’t. I did have a look at an online allotment planner but it all became far too complicated because of the weird shape of my plot so I gave up. I’m going to leave any planning until I can measure the plot properly (or I could just wing it like last year!)

Onions are still all doing well. A couple are really quite tall.


I must start thinking about putting the new water butt in position. There’s space for another one along the side of the shed but it’s going to need some planning (and, as we’ve already discovered planning isn’t necessarily one of my strong points so, at this stage almost anything could happen!) I’ll probably need some paving slabs for the water butt to sit on (so it doesn’t fall over onto the sunflowers again) and also to create a path up to it. I’m obviously going to lose some of the bed but it’s worth it for another water butt, especially if we have another hot summer like last year.

Here’s how I left the plot this week compared to last week – just to show I have made some progress!




One thought on “Week 48

  1. Gifts can be such a bother when living a simple lifestyle, not only because they are so often contrary to simplicity, but also because they can not be ‘respectfully’ gotten rid of.


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