Week 51 – Slip Slidin Away

We’ve had snow again this week. This time it was a little deeper, lasted a little longer and, umlike last week I made a special trip to the allotment to take some photos of the plot under a blanket of snow.


More car issues this week – caused by the snow this time, not my poor memory skills. We woke to a layer of the white stuff on Friday morning. Louis had college and I made the decision he would be going in. We set off a little earlier than usual to allow for any extra traffic, closed roads etc. but, as it turned out there wasn’t much of the first and none of the second so we arrived at college about half an hour early. Almost all the other students had decided to stay at home so Louis was one of only a handful of students in the building (I know – I’m such a meanie for making him go in!)

On the way home I popped into the allotment to take some photos. The cul de sac the allotment entrance is in, is on a hill. Under normal circumstances I would call it a slope but in snowy conditions when you have to think about whether your car will make it up said slope, it becomes a hill. Calculating my car probably wouldn’t make it up the hill I, sensibly parked on the main road and walked up. I didn’t, however have this choice if I wanted to go home (which I did) as whichever direction you approach my house, you have to travel up a hill (formerly known as a slope)

Despite the reputation for awful British weather, we generally don’t do extremes so we don’t, as a rule get a huge amount of snow. This would go some way to explain why we are never very prepared for it when it comes and why most UK drivers don’t have very much experience of driving in it. I’ve been driving most of my adult life and my dad taught me the basics of driving in snow (one awful snowy evening with him when I managed to spin the car and end up on a grass verge) but it’s not something I enjoy. I’m explaining all this in the vain hope you’ll show me some sympathy when you hear about my awful driving!

I left the allotment and headed home which, as I mentioned involved driving up one of two hills. Unfortunately, I chose the steeper of the two and the one which, I later found out from Dan is never gritted. It started out ok but I hadn’t gone very far when the car just started to slow down and, within seconds had come to a complete stop despite me asking her very nicely to keep going (yes, I sometimes talk to my car). Tried to move off and the back of the car just slid from side to side. Incredibly helpfully, just in case I hadn’t noticed the car skidding all over the road, a little light on the dashboard flashed up to tell me the car was skidding all over the road. I’m really not sure it’s clever or helpful to add more stress to an already fairly stressful situation by having your car, in effect tell you you’re driving badly.

I also had a really helpful driver, as he sailed past me down the hill, give me instructions in the form of hand gestures, as to what he thought I should do to get moving again. I had a couple of hand gestures for him but, thankfully my hands were too busy gripping the steering wheel trying to control my car!

Never one to panic in an emergency (am I being over dramatic?) I came up with a plan. I would reverse the car so two of the wheels were on the pavement in the hope I could find some traction and safely move away…didn’t work. I then reversed into the middle of the road with the same sort of idea, hoping the other cars (including Mr Handy Man) had cleared enough of the ice so I could find some grip…nope. I was stuck.

As it happened, all this took place directly outside Dan’s house and I, fleetingly considered abandoning the car and popping into his for a cuppa and possibly asking him to help me but, as we already know I’m a bit of an obstinate so-and-so and I almost never ask for help, preferring to fix things myself. So, I did the only thing I could do – I reversed the car back to the bottom of the hill and onto the main road and drove to the shops to buy some cake! (Seriously, cake fixes almost everything!) I then drove home from the shops via the slightly less steep and more gritted hill without incident. All that just for some snowy photos of the plot!


When I was at the shop buying cake I received a message from Michelle telling me she was on the allotment and she knew I’d been down there that morning because she’d followed my footsteps down to the plot. I must have missed her by minutes.


I’d been to the allotment the day before – no snow but quite a hard frost – hoping to do a bit more digging. I’m such a rooky! The ground was frozen solid – there was no way I  could dig anything. So, instead of digging I thought I would start moving the pile of  rubble into sacks ready for the ‘rubbish man’. Scuppered again! They were all frozen together. I could only remove enough rubble to fill two sacks, That was all I managed to do on the plot this week.

Pleased I covered Rhubi.


I was hoping to meet Michelle on the allotment this morning but, after a rather last minute and lovely evening with N. and C. at a gin festival (The Gin To My Tonic Show) at Watford Colloseum last night I decided to spend the day at home in the warm.


Obviously, no change on the plot this week. All the snow’s gone now so, hopefully the ground will have thawed enough to dig. Next week will be my 1st anniversary of taking on the plot. I feel like I should do something to celebrate – any ideas?


3 thoughts on “Week 51 – Slip Slidin Away

  1. Your plot anniversary celebration should definitely include cake (since indeed cake improves all situations) and some beverage “on the rocks” to commemorate all those you’ve dug and moved.


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