Week 65 – “You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Shed”

I took my 2 helpers to the allotment after college on Tuesday. The plan was to re-pot as many of the seedlings as possible. The pumpkins and squashes were fairly straightforward – my 2 helpers joined in with transplanting them from the trays to their new pots. 9 squashes and 7 pumpkins all potted on.


Then we moved onto the leeks and spring onions – these were not as straightforward. Basically we ran out of pots – and space! It felt like there were flippin hundreds of them – and we only tackled one tray of each. I’m really pleased I moved the shelving unit into the shed because without those extra shelves I’m not sure where I would have put all the pots. We squeezed them all in but the shed really won’t take many more!


As were moving all the seedlings back into the shed Helper number 2 said “You’re gonna need a bigger shed” I don’t think he realised he was quoting Louis’s favourite film and I’m sure he had no idea he’d even quoted it correctly (it’s often misquoted as “we’re” instead of “you’re”) but he wasn’t wrong – we really are going to need more space.

The peppers are still on the window sill at home. Unfortunately, I managed to knock the top off one of the seedlings when I put the propogator lid back on so we still have 9 plants but only 8 have leaves! I plan to leave these seedlings indoors for as long as I can this year. I may re-pot them next week but leave them on the nice warm window sill in their new pots. I want to give them the best chance of producing peppers. I know we managed to grow a few last year but they were all quite small and I hope, if they stay inside in the warm for a bit longer they’ll produce larger peppers.


We, pretty much gave up on the leeks and spring onions after re-potting a few as there were just too many of them and my helpers were bored and had given up. So, Louis went off to water the strawberries and then they both had a go at filling in the hole they’ve both been digging for the past few weeks. I’ve already warned them I’m going to need that bed to grow something in so I asked them to try and level it. As much as I’d like to leave that bed free as a place for them to dig I just don’t have the space. I’m going to struggle to fit everything in as it is – I can’t afford to lose a bed.


We’ve had a decent amount of rain this week. I may have mentioned this before but my feelings about rain have definitely changed since having the plot. It rained, pretty much all day Wednesday which, previously would have me feeling a bit fed up, especially as it’s Louis’s day off college but I kept looking out at the rain thinking “Less watering for me to do and all this rain will make digging the new squash bed a piece of cake”! I am totally aware how sad this makes me but I don’t care (and I was sort of right about the squash bed)


I noticed the beginnings of fruit on the 2 established apple and pear trees. It looks like there are going to be loads. Nothing on the newer trees in the pots but, to be honest I’m not really expecting them to do much this year as it’s their first year with me.


For Random Cafe this week I made my first ever rhubarb crumble with my first ever harvest from Rhubi. It was very well received at the cafe and I was given a 10 out of 10 from one customer. Unfortunately, one of Rhubi’s biggest fans (C.) was not there to enjoy a piece of Rhubi crumble but, having had a good look at Rhubi over the weekend I don’t think it will be very long before I can make another one – which, hopefully C. will be around to enjoy.


I spent nearly all day on the plot on Sunday. The plan for the day was to re-pot as many of the leeks and spring onions as possible and put the new greenhouse together (Yes, I bought a mini greenhouse). I did re-pot the leeks and spring onions but I didn’t manage to put the greenhouse up (it made it as far as the shed – hopefully I’ll have it up by next week) I found myself (completely unplanned) digging the new squash/pumpkin bed. I have been meaning to do this for a while but the extension has always looked so daunting – completely uneven from when we roughly dug it previously and covered in weeds, so I’ve spent the last few  months just putting the job off.


But, today was the day! The heavy rain earlier in the week certainly made it easier to dig (not quite a piece of cake but much easier than it would have been last week before the downpour) so, after making a start and telling myself I could stop when I’d dug about half, I just carried on until eventually I had dug the whole bed. It took, I think about 3  hours. As is usually the case with these sort of jobs, it really wasn’t as bad as I expected. We had obviously done an OK job removing the rubbish when we did the first rough dig because I didn’t find very much atall. So, after all the prevaricating I now have a freshly dug bed ready for the squash and pumpkin plants to go in (but not ALL the squash and pumkin plants – remember last year?!)


I am really pleased with all my hard work this week. It finally feels like I am starting to control the weeds and beginning to create the plot I wanted when I took it on. I am ridiculously excited about growing all these plants from seed and I’m so looking forward to planting them out and watching them grow and fruit. I think I might be a gardener!

Here’s how I left the plot this week (actually I left the plot exhausted and aching all over but you know what I mean)



2 thoughts on “Week 65 – “You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Shed”

  1. My feelings about rain are changing too. It is raining today, in the middle of MAY! It sometimes rains a little bit in the first few days of may, but this is like a real storm, after more than a month of very nice weather!


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