Week 72 – Leeks and Lonesome Tomatoes

After my full on weekend last week I haven’t been on the plot much this week but I think I’ve still made some progress. It’s been very hot this week – I believe we had the hottest day of the year so far, so I really should have been down there watering every day but I haven’t been (so far everything seems to have coped ok)

This week was the week I finally planted out the leeks. I know, I’m terribly lax but they’re in and better late than never. I even remembered to plant them using a broom handle to make holes for each leek – following Huw’s advice from last week’s course. It’s certainly not a quick way of planting – it took me flippin ages but the holes around each leek allows them room to grow (I even managed to plant them in almost straight rows!)

The spring onions were the next to go in. They’re in the next bed along. I figured with them basically being miniature leeks I’d plant then in the same way – just smaller. So, instead of a broom handle I used a dibber to create fairly large holes (relative to the spring onions) and popped a spring onion in each one. They’ve only been in a couple of days but they look fairly happy.


The tomato plant is now all on its own in the greenhouse after all the leeks and spring onions having been planted out. One job for this week is to buy a grow bag to put it in.


The paths on the plot are starting to look good. Dan has been spreading grass clippings on them whenever he’s mown the other paths. He tells me the grass cuttings will start to grow and I’ll end up with luscious grass all over the paths.

Despite having drawn up a plan for the plot this year, after the onion disaster last week I’ve been left with more space than I expected to have. So I had to find something else to go in the space. I’ve chosen spinach, mainly because I use it most days in my breakfast smoothie. When I picked the spinach up from the garden centre, I have to be honest it looked a bit sorry for itself. It seems to have perked up since being planted so I’m hoping it will continue to improve and I’ll be enjoying home grown spinach in my smoothies soon.

Dan came up with an idea for the peppers. I re-potted them last week but he suggested they’d look good in the square pots my friend gave me last week. He came up with the idea of making the pots into a pyramid type structure. He built the structure while I was planting the spinach but it’s remained empty because I don’t have any compost to fill the pots – another job for next week.


I finshed painting the fence panel! I’m quite pleased with it. I gave it 4 coats in the end. I had to take a saw to the top of the trellis because I just wasn’t able to dig a hole deep enough to make the trellis not stick up over the fence. It’s all in place now and the sweet peas have been planted at the base of it and should start growing up it soon (I hope!)

Today, Sunday we were asked to go and help one of the other local allotment sites. I couldn’t make it from the start and I’d never visited the site before so I don’t know what it looked like before the work started but the word ‘jungle’ was used! I spent the afternoon shovelling rubble into wheelbarrows which was used to cover the paths. As a reward for our hard work we had a barbecue and we were even allowed beer! We made good  progress and it felt good to meet and help the other plot holders (and drink beer in the sunshine!)

As part of the tidy up some of the plot holders dug up loads of raspberry canes and were re-planting them in a better position. There were a LOT of raspberry canes so I cheekily asked if I could take a couple. I took them straight round to my plot but, having no idea of where to plant them I felt the next best place for them would be in a bucket of water to stop the roots drying out. Dan confirmed this will keep them alive until I can plant them, hopefully in the next couple of days.

While I was on the plot I did a very quick water and a quick check to make sure everything was ok. I was pleased to see the very beginnings of a pumpkin flower.


This is what the plot looked like when I left it this week. As mentioned before the jobs for this week include planting the tomato plant in a grow bag and buying some compost for the peppers.

One thought on “Week 72 – Leeks and Lonesome Tomatoes

  1. It is so neat and square now.
    I probably mentioned how it annoys me that my colleague in the Los Angeles region put so many curves into his compact and square urban parcel, while I tried to put straight lines into my very irregularly sloped garden in the Santa Cruz Mountains. He is a landscape designer, who wants comfortable and functional outdoor living spaces. I just want efficiency.


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