Week 73 – Pepper Pyramid and Climbing Cucamelons

I’m a little late this week due to a really busy weekend. I’m writing this while sitting in a cafe in Rickmansworth (little ‘Hitch  Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’ reference there! ) while Louis is at his weekly club.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before but we are already on week 2 of our summer holidays (college breaks up really early – the state schools won’t finish for another 10 or 11 days) So, where I would normally take my 2 allotment helpers to the plot on Tuesday after college, this week we were able to go a bit earlier. After a quick trip to the garden centre to pick up some compost we had our lunch on the plot before I set them to work.


My helpers were very taken with the new trolley and used it to transport the compost from the car to the plot. It worked a treat – much more efficient than carrying each bag individually (and they had great fun pushing it, especially when they went over a bump and one of the bags fell off)


We used the compost to fill the pepper pyramid. We couldn’t fit all the peppers into the pyramid – 2 have had to remain in the round pots but they seem to be doing ok. Actually, one’s doing more than ok as it already has quite a decent sized pepper growing on it.

This is how much the pepper has grown this week

While we were at the garden centre picking up the compost I also bought a dahlia. I’ve been drawn to them every time I go in there because I think their flowers are so pretty and when I saw this red one I just couldn’t resist it. I used the last of the garden vouchers my colleagues gave me when I left my job last year. Louis helped me plant it next to the cucumbers and cucamelon. It’s a gorgeous colour with such wonderful shaped petals. I love it!

Talking of the cucamelon – it’s started to climb! I’m so excited about this. No flowers yet but, as ever I’m optimistic we’ll see some soon.

The cucumbers, on the other hand not only have flowers but also tiny, baby cucumbers! This is beyond exciting. The cucumbers look spikey. I’m not sure I was expecting spikey cucmbers but, you know me, I’m just excited to see stuff growing!


It’s become a bit of a thing for us to take silly selfies when we’re on the plot. This is the one we took this week.


I saved the 2 raspberry canes last week and put them in a bucket of water to keep them going until I could get them in the ground. The next time I was on the plot I was a bit concerned to find them sitting in a completely dry bucket. I was a bit annoyed to be honest and I couldn’t work out where the water had gone (You’re already way ahead of me aren’t you?!) I started to refill the bucket to try and revive these poor plants and of course all the water started to pour out of the holes I’d previously drilled in them when I had the fruit tree growing in it! I really am a bit dim sometimes. Predictably, after 2 days with no water the raspberry canes were looking a bit pitiful so I set number 2 helper the task of digging a couple of holes for them to go in. We planted them along the fence, next to the first raspberry cane I planted a few weeks back. They really did look dishevelled –  I hope they’ll perk up.

After we’d finished planting everything I asked my 2 helpers to weed the plot while I put the tools away. It was only when I had a wander around the plot to take some photos I noticed this:


Can you spot what’s missing? Helper number 2 ‘weeded’ my sweet peas! I couldn’t even rescue them and re-plant them because Louis (or ‘Mr Efficient’ as I’m now calling him!) had already emptied the ‘weeds’ into the communal garden waste bin! Looks like we’ll need to go flower shopping again.

After running club on Friday I took a leisurely walk down to the allotment (I also took a can of cider) and, after giving the whole plot a good water, just sat quietly for about an hour. It was amazingly peaceful and the sky looked gorgeous. Definitely an added bonus of having an allotment.


While I was there I moved the tomato plant from the greenhouse and planted it inbetween Rhubi and the spinach. I thought I would have to leave it in the greenhouse but Dan tells me it will be fine outside. Excited to see a tomato!

I had a fleeting and unexpected visit to the plot on Saturday morning. I just watered everything and managed a bit of weeding. Again, it was a beautiful morning and the site was empty and really peaceful. While I was there I noticed the apples have grown pretty big, although some of them look like they may be being eaten by something.


The pumpkins are doing well and have produced flowers. I think this means the pumkins will start to appear shortly.

On Sunday morning I helped my friend at the boot sale. I had a wander round and was very happy to find this:



It’s an edger to make straight lines round the edge of my beds. Dan is going to be so pleased  to know he’s finally convinced me about straight edges.

This is how I left the plot this week. No real plans for next week, just more watering and weeding.


3 thoughts on “Week 73 – Pepper Pyramid and Climbing Cucamelons

  1. Nici,

    Only just read your Blog. Usually have read it by the time I see you at the Food Bank.

    I cam quite bowled over by all you’re achieving! You are so productive. But I loved the impulsive buy of the red dahlia, and the fact you enjoyed just relaxing in the atmosphere of the allotment. Good for you! Just had to share this with you. Enjoy Brighton1 Love Betty xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Betty,
    Yes, I’ve normally posted the blog by the time I see you on a Tuesday morning but I was a bit late this week due to a busy weekend.
    I am very pleased with my dahlia and I’m very much enjoying my relaxation time on the plot.
    See you soon.
    Nici x


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