Week 86

This is going to be a really quick catch up this week as I’ve hardly been on the plot due to so much rain. The up side of so much rain is the water butt has gone from almost empty to nearly full to the brim!


Despite the terrible weather this week we’ve had some cracking sunrises.


When I have been on the plot all I’ve really done is harvest. All the usual – cucamelons, rhubarb, tomatoes and strawberries (well, one strawberry!)


There are still loads of tomatoes left on the plant – still waiting for them to ripen. The stalk on my windowsill has finally turned red though.

As this time of year is all about harvest I thought I’d share with you some of the things I do with the fruit and veg I’ve grown. Obviously, lots of it goes into cakes for Random Cafe and this week I baked extra to make up for not baking last week. I made a rhubarb crumble cake with, what I think will be the last of the rhubarb this year. I was told it was the best one yet which is always lovely to hear.

I had some rhubarb left over and I also had some pears which I’d picked last week (again, the last for this year I think) I don’t like pears so I’ve never baked with them before but, in the spirit of Random Cafe I didn’t want to throw them away so I thought I’d experiment with them. I made rhubarb and pear crumble cakes (basically the same as the rhubarb crumble cake just with some pear added and cupcake size rather than one large cake) They were lovely! (even if I do say so myself!)



I also made bread pudding for the cafe this week (see above) This has become a staple because we receive so much bread. I follow a vegan recipe which means I use apple sauce instead of eggs which, I think makes it much more moist. I started to make the bread pudding and realised I had no apple sauce. I was all set to pop out to the local shop to pick some up when I remembered I’d picked some apples at the allotment last week. They’d been sitting in a bowl on the kitchen side since I’d picked them so I peeled them, roughly chopped them and chucked them in my food processor thingy and whizzed them up into a sauce. Perfect! No trip to the shops needed and I saved some food.

This is what Rhubi looks like after, what I should think will be her last harvest this year.


The other positive from growing our own food is Louis is learning where food comes from and taking more of an interest in what he eats. He even made his own lunch this week. I heard strange noises coming from the kitchen on Thursday evening and found him chopping peppers, tomatoes and cucumber (all from the allotment) for his salad. He’s helped me make his lunch before but this is the first time he’s made it all by himself. His knife skills need a bit of improvement but overall he did a great job.


Michelle has gifted me some sunflower seeds from her dwarf sunflowers. I love the dwarf sunflowers – they were so cute. So we’ll be able to grow some of our own next year. I think one of my jobs in the next couple of week will be removing the seeds from the 2 sunflowers I have.


I need to start planning what I want to grow next year. I may try courgettes again – yes, I know I spent the whole of last year complaining about them but they are such an easy vegetable to grow because they get so big so quickly. Pumpkins and squash – obviously but I’d also like to try aubergines and maybe chickpeas. I also need to think about improving the soil for next year (I will not be growing green manure!) This is how I left the plot this week.






2 thoughts on “Week 86

  1. Rhubi looks great ‘after’. That is still a lot of foliage. I got no rhuburb this time around, although others who grow copies of my old rhubarb did rather well with it. My little pups got left alone with their foliage intact. The newly discovered rhubarb that magically appeared at work also got left with its foliage. It grew well, but I want it to grow even better next year. I don’t know what it is. I thought it was a variety known as ‘Green Apple’, but I can’t find any mention of such a cultivar.


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