Week 87

We’ve had yet another wet week here so, again this is going to be fairly brief. The water butt has gone from nearly full to the brim to overflowing!


This week has been all about clearing away for winter. I’ve cleared the tomato plant as it had definitely come to the end of its life. I didn’t realise the tomato plant’s roots would be that long – they were huge!

I must have left the tomatoes a little too long as some of them had started to rot on the vine. Not sure if this is caused by a frost or something else but whatever caused it they are, obviously inedible and have gone in to the compost bin.


Despite the rotting ones I still managed to harvest quite a few which are now on my kitchen windowsill slowly ripening.


I also cleared the peppers. They did quite well this year thanks to another hot summer. I’ll definitely be growing these again next year – try and grow some red ones though,  I think.

I would have had a couple of strawberries to pick except this little blighter got to them first! I even caught him in the act.

I also started to clear the remaining pumpkin plant. I’ve left the last pumpkin in place (hoping it will grow a bit more) just removed some of the stalks and leaves. All great for the compost!

The chrysanthemum is about to flower! It’s covered in buds which look like they’re about to burst open. I need to move it at some point to make space for the waterbutts but I’ll wait until it’s flowered. I have no idea where I’m going to move it to, because look how much it’s grown.

I’ve dug up all the, we think sunflower seeds from under the squash ladder. It pained me to do it really but they’re no good under there. I’ve moved the bird feeder to the trellis – the idea being it’s a space for flowers so if the seeds fall there and germinate it’s not a problem, I can leave them.

The sunflowers and dahlias still look amazing.

It was too wet to take my helpers to the plot again this week. Instead, I took them out for icecream. Louis found ‘Bruce’ in a charity shop and I just had to let him buy him – well, he went so well with his t-shirt!

The only thing we harvested this week were 3 cucumbers. Not bad for mid October.


I know I get excited about cucumbers but the really exciting news this week was Random Cafe was nominated for an award. Every year Watford holds the ‘Audentior’ awards night and we were nominated for the ‘Pride in Watford’ award and we only went and bloody won it! We had such a great night and we’re all so proud of J. for starting the cafe and putting her heart and soul into it. A very well deserved award.

Here’s how I left the plot this week.

4 thoughts on “Week 87

  1. Oh, it must be nice to get rain. (Except that is is not so nice when you get too much.) So many of our winter chores are delayed until the weather gets cooler and rainier. I needed to move a bunch of viburnum out of the way of a new landscape, but now I need to water them until the rain starts. At least the weather is nice.


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