Cutting back and Christmas Lights

Still not much to report from the plot – just that time of year I guess. Louis and I have still been busy though.

I popped to the plot this morning. I had some kitchen scraps for the compost bins. I wasn’t expecting to do much else but, as is often the case the gardening just sucks me in and I ended up cutting back the chrysanthemum. Although there were still flowers all over it they were obviously dying back so I decided to take the plunge and start the process of moving it. This is what the chrysanthemum looked like when I arrived:


Here’s what it looked like by the time I’d finished.


It felt really drastic and a bit wrong to be honest but I think it was the right thing to do. I thought about digging it up and replanting it in its new spot but I felt it had been through enough today so I left it where it was. I suspect the shock of being hacked back and moved on the same day would have been enough to finish it off!

After I’d finished cutting back the chrysanthemum I had this little visitor.

I’m always happy to see robins and I love that the plucky little things take full advantage of any newly dug or uncovered soil. I also love how brave they are and will happily get really close like this one did today.

Louis celebrated his 19th birthday last weekend. No party this year, just a gathering at the pub after the cafe on Saturday. I had planned on making a birthday cake for him to take to the cafe but I was feeling so rough with a cold, decided against baking. So pleased I didn’t bother baking because look what came into the cafe!


Yep! 3 Batman cakes! So pleased I was too ill to bake.


I no longer buy balloons (single use plastic) but these balloons popped up on a local facebook group on Saturday night. A local lady no longer needed them but, as they were still almost fully inflated, felt they could be passed on rather than going in the bin. I collected them on Sunday morning in time for Louis’ birthday on Monday. The balloons are still inflated a week later so when we decide to take them down, I’ll do the same thing and offer them on to someone else. I’m hoping I’ll be able to track them and see how long they last.


On Louis’ day off college this week we took a trip in to London. I love London and don’t go in nearly often enough. The main reason for our visit was to see the Carnaby Street christmas lights but also to have a mooch about and see what else might be going on. We found a totally amazing place to have lunch. I thought it was an old cinema, until we went upstairs and found it was actually a working cinema. Such a beautiful building – we’ll definitely be going back.

After lunch we wandered along Piccadilly and found this fantastic gelato shop. Very pleased to find they sell this in Waitrose!


A little further along Piccadilly is my favourite shop in the world – Fortnum and Mason. They already had their christmas lights up – the outside of the shop had been decorated to look like an advent calendar which just looked amazing. The inside of the building is so beautiful – if you ever have the chance to visit you really should, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Whenever I visit F&M I always treat myself to some chocolates. They have such a huge array of chocolates, part of the treat is the time it takes to choose (and, of course they come in a super cute box!)

The Carnaby Street lights were wonderful! I knew Louis would love them because they were all sea animals – and all made from recycled materials. Fantastic!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The other thing I did today at the allotment was cut Rhubi back – today was clearly the day for destroying things! I seem to remember doing this last year and it felt like the right thing to do, despite her looking a bit sad by the end.


This is how I left the plot this week.






5 thoughts on “Cutting back and Christmas Lights

  1. I visited London last month; too early for Christmas lights, but just fine for selecting some teas to bring home from Fortnum & Mason. Would love to go to the cinema/cafe place. Name, please? Your plot is looking just fine for the time of year. And Happy Birthday to Louis! Great to pass along those balloons!


    1. Ooh, now you’re asking! I’ve just had to google it! It’s called Picturehouse Central, Piccadilly. Well worth a visit next time you’re in London.
      I absolutely adore Fortnum and Mason – I think it may well be my favourite shop, certainly in London, maybe ever!
      I haven’t got round to passing on the balloons yet but they’re still going strong.


  2. Pulling up and relocating a mum is not really all that stressful. It is like spotting off a cutting. For some plants such disruptions actually stimulate root growth once transplanted. I would rather do it at the same time instead of as two separate processes, especially since the new growth that starts to develop after pruning is easily damaged by relocation. Of course, at this time of year, it would not mind either way, since new growth will be rather slow to grow.


    1. Thanks Tonytomeo. I popped down to the plot the other day and was surprised at the new growth on the chrysanthemum. It’s a bit too wet and cold to be doing much down there at the moment but if we get a dry spell soon I’ll nip down and move her.

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