Seedlings and Signs of Spring

I haven’t been down to the plot much since my last blog post –  there’s so little to do down there at this time of year. Couple that with all the rain we’ve had so far this year and there’s little point in going down there.

So  I’ve just been going down there to top up the compost bins, and the last couple of times I’ve been able to hang around for a while and enjoy the peace and quiet, and fresh air. If I’m forced to self isolate because of Covid-19 I can see me retreating to my allotment quite a lot – at this time of year there’s never anyone there so I’d be on my own!

I harvested all the leeks last weekend. I hadn’t planned on digging them all up – I only dropped by to take the kitchen scraps but it was a nice day so I decided to have a bit of a potter which turned into digging up all the leeks. I haven’t actually made anything with them yet but they’re all prepared and ready to go when I need them.

As you can see, the spring onions are still in the ground but I’m going to have to dig them up soon too, before they go to seed.

I’ve continued with the DIY at home. This time it was the bathroom. I totally forgot to take any before photographs but the walls were white before I started and now they’re grey. I’m pleased with it.

The main allotment news is, I have (finally) started planting seeds! I know I am miles behind most people but better late than never I guess. So far I’ve planted pumpkins, lettuce, cucumber, pepper and aubergine. I was super excited to see some little seedlings this morning!

And even more excited to see how much they’d grown by this evening! These are miniature sunflowers seeds, given to me by Michelle – thank you Michelle.


My window sills have now been completely taken over by seeds – which, I believe is the absolute best use for window sills!

I haven’t yet taken my 2 helpers to the plot this year as it’s just been far too wet and miserable (even I’m not that mean to make them work in the rain!) I saw a post on social media this week from our local cake shop – they’d made 150 cupcakes for a local charity event, but due to the Covid-19 scare the event was cancelled. This meant they were left with the 150  cupcakes. They did something really positive – they offered the cakes, via the social media post to anyone who wanted to stop by and collect some, for a donation to the local charity. What a great idea! I popped in with my 2 helpers and picked up these absolutely gorgeous cupcakes.

We’ve had a really mild winter and, because of the lower temperatures a ridiculous amount of rain. So much rain, infact I can’t actually move the water butts as planned because they are all nearly full!

We’re definitely coming out of winter and moving in to spring. The pear and apple trees are starting to blossom, which I absolutely love.  It’s always so lovely to see signs of spring as it means we’re heading towards longer and warmer days.


I’m very aware I haven’t updated you on Rhubi for a while and I know she has some keen followers. She’s doing very well. You might remember I cut her right back at the end of autumn, as per the instructions in my gardening books. I didn’t cover her this year as it didn’t feel cold enough and, as ever she’s done me proud and made a strong come back.

These photos are a week apart so she’s not doing so bad.

We’re off to a wedding in Devon this week so I won’t be able to make it down to the plot again until next weekend. I’m going to have to leave the seedlings to fend for themselves for a couple of days but I’m sure they’ll be fine.

This is what the plot looked like when I left it today. The grass needs cutting and there are weeds everywhere so lots of work to look forward to!

2 thoughts on “Seedlings and Signs of Spring

  1. Rhubi looks good. I really must go see my rhubarb. I have not been out there in a long time. I should have dug it an brought it here. Well, I can get pups later. I have not seen the pear or apple trees in a while either. If yours are blooming, ours must be halfway finished.


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