Lions and Tigers and Bears – Oh My!

With the lockdown beginning to ease this week in the UK we’ve been able to venture outside a bit more and not just to the allotment. On Thursday we enjoyed our first day out since our trip to Devon in mid March – we went to Woburn Safari Park for the day. Unfortuantely it rained the whole time we were there but we still enjoyed ourselves and most of the animals were out and about enjoying the refreshing showers (sometimes when we visit on really hot days most of the animals are lazing around in the sunshine, it being too hot to do much else)

On the way home Louis had his last ever video call with his college class. He has now left college and is no longer in education. I feel very sorry for him as there’s been no prom, no end of year awards ceremony, none of the usual rites of passage to mark the end of his formal education. On the plus side – no more morning and afternoon school runs for me!

We have, again had quite a rainy week so not many visits to the plot. I spent a couple of hours down there on Wednesday morning – Michelle and I have been planning a whole day on the plot for a while now and still haven’t managed it. This week we were yet again scuppered by the weather – heavy rain expected in the afternoon. It was a fairly productive morning – I moved the waterbutts around a bit. I’d already swapped the original blue barrel, which had been there when I took on the plot for a proper water butt with a tap, on Wednesday I moved one of the water butts from round the back of the shed to the side. The plan is to have a row of connected water butts along the side of the shed so I have easy access to the water. Over the weekend I had to make more changes as the stand the grey butt was standing on had buckled – not what you want to see when there’s more rain expected. It was a bit of a faff but I transferred the water from the grey water butt to the green one and removed the stand. I’ll need to find something else for the grey waterbutt to stand on, probably breeze blocks but, for the time being at least I know it’s not going to topple over and waste all the carefully collected water.

This weekend was the Summer solstice and the longest day of the year. It was also the first time Louis has spent the night at his dad’s since lockdown began so for the first time in 3 months I had the night to myself. It was a beautiful evening and I wanted to spend it outside so I met Dan, one of the other plot holders at the allotment – I provided the Jack Daniels he provided the ice and the diet coke! We sat chatting on the plot until abour 11pm.

Incase you think all I’ve done all week on the plot is get drunk – I haven’t! I spent a couple of hours yesterday tidying the edges of my beds. You may remember I’ve attempted this before but I’m determined to have lovely neat edges to my beds, the same as everyone else on the site. It’s harder than it looks especially when, like me you are incapable of digging in a straight line! It was a little easier due to all the rain we’ve had but, even so, I only managed a couple of edges. I’m pleased with them though and once I’ve done all of them the whole plot will look much more tidy and uniform.

I’m still waiting for any of the chard to make an appearance. I think there may be one or two tint little shoots but they could just as easily be weeds – I’ll just have to wait and see. One of these is almost certainly a weed as they are 2 different types of plant. Look at all the stones that make their way to the surface in the rain.

I’m still unceratain about the pumpkin. Just when I think it’s a goner, new flowers appear – 2 this week. I have bought a new replacement pumpkin which looks incredibly healthy. I’ll plant it next week.

I currently have an overflow of plants in my mum’s greenhouse. She took the 2 spare aubergines, 1 pepper plant and some cucumber plants. The cucumber plants didn’t make it for some reason – they all died but I planted some cucumber seeds in the 3 remaining pots and all but one germinated! So we have 10 cucumber plants spread over 3 large pots in mum’s greenhouse. Mum will, of course produce more fruit from her plants than mine simply because she has the advantage of heat (and me to water them every few days) but I’m interested to see how they all do compared to my plants on the plot.

I forgot to zip up the kale and broccoli protection the other day and the kale’s been eaten. I don’t seem to have much luck with kale. Hopefully, if I remember to keep it all closed up it will grow back.

Here’s how I left the plot this week. The forecast is for some very hot days this coming week so I’ll probably have to do daily visits to water, might even do some more edging if I feel like it.

2 thoughts on “Lions and Tigers and Bears – Oh My!

  1. Thank you Carolee. You should see the other plots on the site! They’re all so neat – mine looks a complete mess in comparison and I’m determined to bring mine up to scratch.


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