New car!

Bit of a mixed bag weather-wise this week. We’ve had glorious sunshine and lots of rain – perfect weather for growing things really, although a couple of days were, possibly too hot. On one of the really hot days we visited mum’s to spend a bit of time in her garden and I managed to convince Louis to be my personal foot cooler by spraying my feet with the hose. He may well have earned himself a permanent job whenever we have hot weather!

While we were at mum’s I checked on the plants in her greenhouse. The cucumbers are doing so well, much better than the ones on my plot – annoyingly!

The aubergines and pepper are also doing so much better in mum’s greenhouse. The pepper already has flowers on it.

Meanwhile back on the plot we’re doing ok (no flowers on my peppers yet though) I haven’t actually done much work on the plot this week – I’ve just enjoyed it, which has been lovely. Spent a very enjoyable evening on the plot with Dan, Michelle and Louis this week.

Dan had given me some sunflower seeds the previous evening which I planted in the space behind the kale and broccoli. He asked me later if I’d planted them as per his instructions. My reply was ‘I’m going to say yes…but I mean no’ I got a facepalm emoji for that one! He’d given me some round plastic things to put in the gound to show where I’d planted the seeds. I used them but had lots of seeds left over so I told him I just shoved the rest of the seeds in anywhere. I didn’t – they’re in nice, neat rows but I know how much Dan likes nice, neat rows of plants so telliing him I’d shoved them in all over the place made me chuckle. The seeds have already started to germinate.

I finally got round to taking the new pumpkin plant down to the allotment. The original plant seems to have had a second wind so I may end up with lots of pumpkins.

One thing I did do this week was clear a piece of ground for the compost bins. The compost bins have become almost inaccessible due to the overgrown brambles, which means I really struggle to put the kitchen waste in them without becoming caught up on the thorns, which I’m sure is very amusing for anyone watching but not so much for me. So, I decided I’m going to move them. This is, obviously not going to be as straightforward as it sounds as they are both full BUT it will be a great opportunity to turn the contents, which is what I should have been doing but wasn’t – I know what you’re thinking, it’s so unlike me not to do what I’m supposed to!

I chose the spinach bed as it doesn’t have anything growing up the fence to hinder my access to the bins and there is enough room in front to be able to dig out any compost – something I didn’t really think about when placing the bins originally (not think ahead? Doesn’t sound like me at all!) So far all I’ve done is dig over the area ready for the bins to sit on – moving the bins is a job for next week. In the meantime I moved the spinach pots back into position until I work out where I can move them to.

I didn’t manage to tidy up any more edges this week but I wanted to show you a couple of the surrounding plots (Michelle’s and Dan’s) and why I’m so worried my plot looks untidy. Look how neat they look!

What is it about me and kale? The first year I tried to grow it, it was eaten to the point all that was left was the stalk and this year we may be looking at the same. Whatever is eating it hasn’t shown much interest in the purple sprouting brocolli (so far!) but it’s decimated the kale – even with the protection over it. Seriously – look at it!

The cauliflowers haven’t faired much better. Pitiful!

Rhubi hasn’t let me down though – does she ever?! I was going to harvest a few stalks on Sunday but I didn’t feel there would have been enough to do much with so I let her be. I’ll pick some next week. I’ll have a look for some new rhubarb recipes this week although I’m liking the sound of some more rhubarb gin.

Cucumbers and squashes aren’t doing very much at the moment but at least they’re not being eaten by anything so I’m grateful for small mercies!

The big news away from the plot this week is my new car! I was due to pick it up in April but, due to the lockdown it was delayed. When I collected it on Tuesday morning it had 11 miles on the clock – I took a photo when it showed 16 miles as it took me a while to work out how to show the mileage! It’s very exciting!

Here’s how I left the plot this week. The plan for next week is to move the compost bins and continue to enjoy the plot, hopefully in the sunshine.

2 thoughts on “New car!

  1. Did I mention that I ruined all my rhubarb? I pruned a big forsythia next to it, and before I realized it, all the rhubarb foliage got roasted and was laying flat on the ground! I only got a few stalks, and needed to slice the upper half off of them. They were chopped and dried, but were not very good even in oatmeal. Oh well. They looked great in the garden for a while.


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